2013 - 11- 16
NKK Dogs4All
judge Moa Persson, Sweden
Tintavon Leo Chai Lai Khuna
Norwegian Junior Winner

2013 - 10 - 13
Pekka Teini
Tintavon Leo Tipanon


2013 - 10 - 05

NKK Harstad Int dogshow
udge Per Harald Nymark Norway

Tintavon Leo Tipanon


2013 09 29

Åland  Int Dogshow

Tintavon Leo Tipanon
"udge Blaz Kavcic


Foto: So very happy tha Ingegerd and Joacims "little monster" Min Nee or Tintavon Leo Tipanom won her 1st cac in Finland and BOB!
Very happy and proud!!!
Min Ne must be Ch is Sweden first winning a Cac after her 2nd birthday then she will be Swedish and Finnish Ch directly!
Happy that this judge understood more about correct tail carriage for the breed!!!!

Tintavon Leo Anomatan
"bruno"  now " toffee

Here is the first photo of Bruno (now called Toffee) with his new family,
Trine, husband and son, they are Danish but now living in Norway near Oslo.

Foto: Here is the first photo of Bruno (now called Toffee) with his new family, Trine, husband and son, they are Danish but now living in Norway near Oslo. Just saying goodbye to Torbjörn & Göran.
We have now heard that he has settled in well and they the love him so lets hope it stays that way?


2013  - 08 - 18
SKK Norrköping Int

Weng Woh Chan, MALAYSIA
Tintavon Leo Tipanon
BOB puppy

owner Ingegerd Eriksson/ Joakim Sandström

2013 - 07 - 29
The first Tintavon Leo litter of puppies are born in Thailand 5 + 0
(born premature and 1 boy died)
sire is Bahley of Palmplace at Tintavon Leo &
dam is Thai Ch Namwan of Palmplace at Tintavon Leo
we think 3 boys will be red like their mother
and the other boy will be grey like his father

Look here for pictures

2013 - 07 - 13
SKK Tvååker
judge Per Svarstad
S u ch Kwanjai of Palmplace at Tintavon Leo
 won BOB & in the last 8 of the group (30+ breeds in group)

Gasoar likes the judge.
Tintavon Leo Kun Santolino, 7 months was in the last 10 of the big Puppy BIS!

Gaspar is happy & waiting to go in to the ring


2013 – 07 – 12
SKK Tvååker

 breedjudge Nina Karlsdotter  (S)
groupjudge  Nina Karlsdotter (S)


Kwanjai of Palmplace at Tintavon Leo
won cac & BOB

and became the first female living in Europe to win a national title = SWEDISH u CH
Later she made more history when she won
GROUP 4 in the very big and strong group 5 being the
first female
Bangkaew to be group placed in Europe!

2013 – 06 – 2013
SKK Avesta
Judge Bo Lundström (S)

moving to win her 2nd cac & BOB at her 2nd show.

bild 369  Tintavon Leo Kun Santolino (Gaspar) BOB Puppy & Tintavon Ma Muang (Mango) BOS Puppy 


2013 - 05 - 25
Österbybruk / Uppsala
Kwanjai of Palmplace at Tintavon Leo
at her 1 show  wins cac & BOB at Österbybruk
show under Swedish allrounder Kurt Nilsson
handled by her new best friend Sigurdur Edgar Andersen Stanton.

Gaspar & Mango were there to cheer Mum on

2013 - 03 - 30
Stockholm KC Easter Int. show
judge Göran Bodegård, Sweden

Zeright of  Palmlace at Tintavon Leo


2013 - 03 - 10

Yesterday we heard the sad news that Princess Lillian passed away at the grand old age of 97. Princess Lillian born  ( Davies ) in Swansea Wales ( UK ) in 1915. Met the Kings late uncle Prince Bertil in 1943 but at that time she was diborced ( Craig ) and the royal protocol did not allow  " common " divorced peopleto marry royalty ( same in UK then ) They quielty lived  togeter for over 20 years before they could married in 1976 when our King Karl Gustav 16th married Queen Silvia

I have a special affection for princess Lillian as it was she that awarded the BIS Tropy to myself & my Tibetan Terrier Multi Ch Tintavon Desdemona at the Swedish KC.s 90th anniversary in 1979.

We talked English ( of course ) and she was extremely friendly & plesant. On the right hand side of the photo you can see her late husband Prince Bertil ho came up and congratulated me and said " oh bay the way I am her Husband " and I  mamaged to say " I know Prince B ertil    Being a devoted Monarchist this mmory has benn tresured for 33 years

R.I.P Princess Lillian

2012  - 12 -11
The first Thai Bangkeaw puppies has born
Puppy gallery from born day, to.................

2012 - 10 - 09
Santos bak  home in Sweden again

Today two new Thai Bankeaw bitches arriwe from Thailand
Kwanjai of Palmlace at Tintavon Leo
Zeright of  Palmlace at Tintavon Leo

2012 - 06 - 08


Santos makes BREED HISTORY!

The FIRST Thai Bangkaew Dog to win a Group 1st outside of Thailand.
To-day at the national show in Ulcinj, Montenegro under judge Vojislav Brajovic(M) Santos made history as did the judge and Santos´s wonderful handler Ante Lucin.
Our grateful thanks go to Ante, Javier Gonzalez Mendikote & assistant Avishag Morgenstern for taking such good care & promoting Santos & TBD so well.
Santos is now CHAMPION in Thailand, Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Serbia, Croatia & Montenegro + BISS, WW2012, FIN v2011, Helsinki v2011

2012 – 06 – 02
Int, Swe ,No, Fin& Nord Ch SV-2010, NOV - 2010, Nordic V 2011
T. AMAZONIA (TOP TT Female 2011)


Amo is on a working holiday to Katja & Sabine Rauhut, kennel Ti La Shu in Germany where she will stay until she has had 2 exciting litters, meanwhile she is being shown and now has enough cac.s for her German title but must win one more after one year!
We miss our crazy but loveable Amo!
Photo is after her first bath in Germany in March.

2012 - 05 - 27

Phittsanulok in Thailand
With our new Thai Bangkaew partner Somchai Chiawanwech, kennel Leo have the first 6 Bangkaew dogs been bought from the same breeder as Santos Phichai Kumsuwan, kennel Palmplace.
It was a very exciting time seeing the dogs which we have seen as either small puppies or on photos.


Phichai kumsuwan with 1½ year old female “Qwanjai” (Tintavon), Paul with 3½ months female “Zeerite” (Tintavon), Somchai with 5 months female (Jandang) & 5 months male “Berree” (Somchai) & Chert (kennel Pet Poo Kow) with 5 months female “Balee” (Tintavon)
3 of the dogs will come to Sweden as soon as possible and the other 3 will stay with Somchai and hopefully the male will make a trip to  Europe when he is older.
In the back row is our very close and long time friend Somsak Taechapeti (kemmel Greenhill) Famous for his Pomeranians but the “brains” behind our Bangkaew venture & my “teacher” on Asian breeds & Chert´s son


2012 - 05 - 19

Santos of Palmlace makes breed HISTORY by becoming the first Thai Bankaew Dog  to win
World Winner title & and can now proudly add WW-2012 ti this titles

Santos with handler / friend Ante Lucin

2012 - 04 - 07

makes breed

Santos became the FIRST Thai Bangkaew Dog
to get placed in group finals in Europe.

At the national show in Knjazevac, Serbia
he was placed group 3rd under judge Pero Celebic (MNE)

Santos now has the following titles
BISS Thai Ch. Fin Ch. Swe Ch. Lux Ch. & Serb Ch Fin V11 & Nord V11


2012 – 03 – 08

HotDog magazine produces another great magazine and this is our advert

+ there is an article on Thai Bangkaew Dog inside by Paul Stanton

2012 - 03 - 03, 04

Santos wins 2 cac.s & 2 BOB.s at the Zagreb Int shows and in the last 8 of the group.

Santos has 2 Croatian cac.s & needs 2 more to be Croatian Ch.



2012 – 02 – 25 / 26


Santos wins CAC & BOB both days under  Ann Ingram ( IE )& Monique van Brempt ( B )
and pulled out in the last 8 of the group by Ole Staunskjaer ( DK )


Santos with Monique van Brempt & new handler Ante Lucin ( CRO )


2012 - 01 -  06

MY DOG Gothenburg

BOB, CC Swedish champion

   2011 – 12 – 10
Tintavon Amazonia wins BOB & Nordic Winners title 2011 at Stockholm Int under Norwegian judge Helge Werner Hagen in an entry of 47.
Amazonia can now title herself as

Int.Ch. SE Ch. NO Ch. SV10, NO 10, NordicV11 Tintavon Amazonia


2011 – 12 – 04
Santos BOB & Finnish Winner 2011 (FI 11)
under Carla Molinari from Portugal
& pulled out in the last 8 of the huge group 5 (50
breeds) by Ichiro Ishikawa
“small steps for dogs but big steps for the Thai Bangkaew Dog

2011 – 12 – 03
Santos makes his European debut at the Helsinki Winners show under

Japanese judge Ichiro Ishikawa

winning CAC & BOB giving him titles Finnish Ch & Helsinki Winner 11

   2011 – 12 – 02


We believe that Thai Ch. Santos is the first Thai Bangkaew Dog to arrive in Europe!

This beautiful Spitz breed was only recognised by the FCI in June 2011 but a few years earlier by the Asian Pacific section of the FCI.

You can read more & see more photos under the “button” Thai Bangkaew on the front of our website.



2011 - 05 - 15

SvKTR Club Show

The surprise wins are always the best!
On Saturday we had the SvKTR club Ch show with 78 adult TT.s & 13 puppies which were moved to Cindy petterson´s (Apso & Mastiff judge) ring, our judge was Steven Green (kennel Varoney´s) UK. Steven has a real gift for writing long & interesting critiques and each critique was different and suited that dog, I was also impressed by the thorough way he went over the dogs (without messing up their coats) not like some judges who just put their hands lightly on the dogs head & back and thats it!!!!
T. Valdirio, Valdineia & Prethina all received a CK (Ch quality) & Amazonia first won a strong class of 14 Ch females and then won BOS, this is her critique:

Superb specimen in full bloom with charming expression full of Tibetan arrogance, lovely dark eye & very good dentition, strong but balanced front with lovely lay of shoulders, very good depth of chest & spring of ribs, strong angulated & muscled rear which showed when she moves, excellently presented & textured coat, covers the ground with total efficiency.

Thank you Steven, I think this critique is worth framing

2011 - 03 - 20
SKK Malmö Int
judge Korosec Maja, Slovenien


SE, NO CH  SV-2010 NV-2010
Tintavon Amazonia

BOB, cacib

Tintavon Valdineia
CC, new champion SE, DK CH


2011 - 03 - 19

SvKTR Malmö

I am so Happy i can still get a kick out of making up a new
Champion Tibetan Terrier after 40 years in the breed! YES,
our Amazonia won her qualifying cac at her first try in the open
 class at the SvKTR show today under Gert Christensen

SE, NO SV-2010 NV-2010
Tintavon Amazonia



2010 - 12 - 19
Paul 60 Year

  • What super friends I have and me not suspecting anything, lots
    of lovely presents, champagne, chocolate sticky cake (kladdkaka) &
    cream & my favourite from Finland,Chocolate Chilli pepper cake. Life is GREAT even at 60 with friends like you all!
    I w...ill be able to keep warm & dry, get drunk, eat lobster, buy lots of lovely flowers, read, look at myself (no, not a mirror but photo) eat mushrooms until they grow out of my ears and lots of hugs & kisses which warmed me no end but I think my favourite present was a big kiss  from a handsome & charming Norwegia (you are a lucky lady Elisabeth!) BE, you made my day along with all my other friends. THANKYOU !

2010 - 08 - 07


At the Tibetan Terrier West Club show in Gothenburg under Jari Partanen won
SV10 Tintavon Valdirio BOS club cac & BOS youth while litter sister Tintavon
Valdineia won BIS Youth & 2nd best female.

Well done Gunilla & Ulla, we are proud of you!


2010 - 07 - 30
In Loving Memory of Lena
Two year has passed since our much loved friend Lena Soloviev was taken from
us far too early in life.To-day we remeber all the times we spent to-gether with this
rather shy lady who did not speak English but had a smile that spread warmth and
 happninessthat no words could ever express!
In this photo is Ozzy with Lena at the Moscow airport when she came to say
good byeto us for the last time!

2010 - 07 - 24

SvKTR Köping
judge:  Uschi  Einster, Österrike

Tintavon Amazonia


2010 – 06 – 22

Tintavon  Valnineija
(Neija) o Ulla Berg
on winning first cac at Jönköping Int. Show,
as always in perfect condition!

Neija is the 6th from this litter to become Ch. or
win a cac and all before 18 months of age

2010 – 06 – 22

Today we received the first photo of Zenio and he is looking superb!

Zenio with his handler Daniel Beloff

2010 - 06 - 15

2000 - 01 - 22  –  2010 - 06 - 15


Our beloved ”Blondie” Nordic Ch Tintavon Gail Force Wind has gone to ”doggy heaven”.

She had problems with her spine and balance this Winter and blood tests did not give us
any answers so we think she might have had a slight stroke but she was starting to recover
and again go out for walks with the other dogs when she developed a growth in her stomach
area and we decided not to put her through any operations as she was always a fit and very
special Whippet who would have hated to be kept at home and miss out on her walks!

As with most of our dogs now Blondie was shown only sparingly but probably her greatest
win was Best Puppy in Show at the Swedish Sighthound show at Skokloster in 2000.

Blondie had only one litter and produced 3 boys, 2 of which are Champions,
our SE & FIN Ch (group winner) Tintavon Espen Keyzerson
& Isa Johannesson’s SE Ch Tintavon Frode Keyzerson.

2010 - 06 - 14

Today we received the wonderful news that Rus. Jun. Ch. Tintavon Jerimias

in 3 shows has become RUSSIAN CH at just 17 months of age.

BOB at Spring Rain show under judge Gerasimova

BOB & Group 4 at Scylla show under judge Patrina

BOB BIG & BIS 3 at Summer Opening show under judge Oganova NY


Congratulations to Jerry, Varvara & Alex Goldobina

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Tintavon Zenio becomes BRAZILIAN CH

Zenio quickly got his championship in Brazil but will not be campaigned until his
condition is perfect as his handler Daniel Beloff is a perfectionist,
just hope we get some photos soon?

Congratulations & good luck to Zenios owners in Sao Paolo José Marcos Zanella Pinto &
Roberto Raphael Carrozzo Scardua

2010 - 06 - 13

Judging takes up most of Torbjörn & my time so little is left for showing or breeding
so you can imagine the happiness & pride we feel today when at
the Swedish Winners show in Avesta, Tibetan Terrier
littermates Tintavon Amazonia & Tintavon Valdirio won BOB & BOS + SV10 titles,
Amazonia won her 4th cac & 2nd cacib & "Valdo" won his 2nd cac & first cacib.
CONGRATULATIONS to Valdo´s owner Gunilla Albrigtsen.

Not to be outdone the Lhasa Apso Int (FCI pa.) & Nordic Ch SV08 Tintavon Celta Vigo "Pedro" won BOS, an extra cacib and SV10 title, CONGRATULATIONS to Anna Björk. So we are feeling happy and a little smug and send our grateful thanks to judges Ulrica Göransson (TT.s) & Dan Ericsson (LA) for appreciating our breeding!

2010 - 05 - 30
SKK Int Österbybruk

NORD UCH SE V-08 Tintavon Celta Vigo won BOB and his qualifying cacib so can add
Int Ch (with FCI approval) to his titles.

2010 - 04 - 05

We got a SUPER Easter present!
Amazonia won CAC & BOB from Junior class (last time) in an entry of 24
under Croatian group 9 specialist Natasa Blanusa and then Group 3rd under Birgitta Svarstad (S).
This was only Amazonias 2nd show in official classes so we are thrilled!


2010 - 04 - 01


Amazonia, Paul, Torbjörn, Göran & all the other Tintavons wish everyone
a happy and peaceful long weekend

( The witch on the right is typical for Sweden and known as "Påsk Kärring"
roughly translated into "Easter old witch" who fly to "Blåkulla" = Blue Hills tonight! )

2010 - 03 - 27


Jerry won his qualifying Junior CAC to become
Russian Junior Ch at Eurasier show!
Jerry has been shown 5 times all with Junior CAC & 4 times BOB.

Jerry admiring his trophy!

Good luck in the future Jerry, Varvara & Alex.

2010 - 03 – 23


Zenio moves to Brazil

At last we have found a home for Zenio and it was worth the wait as he will go to a
 super home in Sao Paolo to Roberto & Marcos whom we wish the best of luck with this
character as "our house is empty" without him!

At the moment he is with his handlers Daniel & Silvia Beloff in Belo Horizonte to get used
to them first as he has a brilliant memory &  will be happy to se them when they start showing him!.


Zenio & Daniel in Paris where I flew with Zenio so he could meet Daniel and
 be less of a shock meeting new people without us being there but Zenio loved
Daniel straight away and was very happy walking the streets of Paris with him!

30 years JUBILEE

in S, FIN & Scandinavia in 1979,
winner of 10 BIS & 29 group 1st, mother of  7 Ch.s, pictured here winning
BIS at Stockholm Int under the late Maxwell Riddle (USA)

A great character and a near perfect Tibetan Terrier!

2009 - 11 - 12
Jerimias makes a GREAT debut in Russia

Junior cac & BOB in Moscow, congratulations to Varvara & Alex Goldobin

2009 - 11 - 08
Zenio is so pleased at the way he is developing!
He was awarded excellent & 5th best male at Växjö under Jan Herngren at his
first start in Junior class

2009 - 10 - 30
GREAT START for Amazonia

At her first show in Junior class she charmed judge Jan Herngren who awarded
her cac & 2nd best female


2009 – 10 – 03
T. Valdirio & Gunilla Albrigtsen
who won Best Puppy in Show at Tibethund under Juliette Cunliffe. Crisatlino,
Pretinha and Valdineja were all placed well, this was their last time in
puppy class and we are very pleased with the results so far!


2009 – 09 – 26
T. Amazonia owned by us won Best Puppy In Show at the Whippet clubs puppy
show under Frank Renklaven (breed) and Ray Lindholm (BPIS)

2009 – 07 – 30
In Loving Memory of Lena

One year has passed since our much loved friend Lena Soloviev was taken from
us far too early in life.
To-day we remeber all the times we spent to-gether with this rather shy lady
who did not speak English but had a smile that spread warmth and happniness
that no words could ever express!
In this photo is Ozzy with Lena at the Moscow airport when she came to say
good byeto us for the last time!

2009 – 07 – 26
Jerimias is ”on the move” and probably to Russia.


Newly bathed we decided to get some new photos of him, standing he is a dream but moving, well look at his page under Toscas puppies.

A lot of work and photos but we think this one really turned out good!


2009 - 06 - 25

New photo of Jerimias taken to-day as we have an enquiry from Russia.
He stands beautifully, now we just have to teach him to walk properly!


2009 – 06 – 21

Congratulations Valdo!


T. Valdirio won BIS PUPPY at the Tibetan Terrier World Congress show in Norway

Under breed specialist Anne Cathrine Unelsröd, kennel Bondekonen, Norway.

WELL DONE Valdo & Gunilla.

2009 - 05 - 30



Jerry won BIS puppy at SvKTR´s club show under breed specialist Mike Davis,
kennel Pinrow, UK.

Sister Amazonia was BOS Puppy

2009 - 05 - 23


At the TTS club show T. Valdirio (Gunilla Albrigtsen) won BIS Puppy under judge Tanja Hakamo,
kennel Falamandus (FIN) and T. Amazonia (Tintavon) was BOS puppy.

Cristalino, Jerimias and Prethina all were awarded "honour prizes" but poor
Zenio was car sick and with a strange (thanks Pia B) handler did not enjoy himself so much!

See new photos of "numbers 1, 3,5,6,7, & 8 in their photo albums.

Tintavon breeders puppy group at TTS club show at Österbybruk 23-05-09
L-R Amazonia, Jerimias, valdirio & Cristalino.
Puppies looking all ways but so are the handlers!

Photo Laura Lehdistö
Proud mum with kids Amazonia, Jerimias, Cristalino & Valdirio at TTS club
show, Österbbruk 23-05-09

Photo Laura Lehdistö

2009 - 05 - 09

T. Prethina (Ulla Bergh) won BIS Baby (4-6 months of age) at Lomma Working
Dog (BK) club show under TT judge Eva Borg

2009 - 04  - 29 
Zenio is hoping to find a lovely pet home!

He has the most lovely temperament, funny, cuddly and very smart!

From being the "ugly duckling" he is turning into a "beautiful swan", angulations are improving,
now 3 spots around his eye rims and his eyes are getting darker all the time,
so could well be he makes the grade but most important is to find a loving home
for him otherwise Göran will keep him as it is favourite

2009 - 04 - 21

(nr 8) is looking for a SHOW HOME outside of Sweden,
 his 4 brothers are all in Sweden and it is stupid to also have him
competing against them,
He has a super temperamnent, excellent angulations and great style!
More photos of Toscas puppies playing and in show pose!


2009 – 03 – 21


On the 21st March 1969 Pauls first Lhasa Apso was born, her name was
Nyima of Showa and bred by Irene Plumstead.

Tintavon was added on to the front of her name and Nyima became the first
foundation bitch, she was never a show winner as she had missing teeth and
not a big coat but she had the most wonderful character and the straightest front legs
you could wish for! Nyima was also the beloved pet of my parents when I left home
and lived to be over 16 years. Nyimas grandfather on her mother side was
the Tibetan import Zungeru Kin-Tup with of course an unknown pedigree and on
her fathers side as great grand father (also great, great, great grandfather on mothers side)
was the very first American Lhasa import to the UK,  Hamilton Dewatas who lived at
Hardacre kennels when I worked for Anne Mathews.
Special thanks and love to Irene for letting me have this precious little Apso.

2009 - 03 - 02


Torbjörn receives the great news from the Swedish KC that he has been
awarded the SKK "badge of merit" (förtjänsttäcken) for long service to the
"sport of dogs" especially for his serving on many posts in all the Tibetan
breeds clubs, Ex Chairman of the SSD Estern area (club for minority breeds
clubs, over 90)SKK Junior Handlers committee member, ex Chairman of Great
Dane club Middle Sweden area and ex Judges club committee member. Torbjörn
is still Chairman of the SvKTR (club for TT, LA & TM)
Torbjörn has dedicated so much of his time, energy and knowledge for the
betterment of the dog sport and Göran and i are very happy that he has been
honoured for his unrelenting services. Torbjörn will be awarded this medal
at the SKK bi General Meeting in May.
The photo shows Torbjörn awarding his first BIS in Heslinki 2008.


2009 - 02 - 28
On becoming half a century and we hope the next years will be filled with
happiness, success and peace.

2009 - 02 - 23

Not all the pups thought the snow was as wonderful as Gerimias did!
 Look at more photos under Toscas puppies.


2009 - 02 - 14

Finn´s (Falamandus J´ara-ki Khaki) kids are very proud that their dad has
added some nice new titles to his name and is now INT. Estonian, Finnish and
Swedish CH. The kids plan to follow in dad´s footsteps (paws)!

Congratulations also to Tanja and her team as Finn was the 20th Falamandus
TT to win its Int. title.

2009 - 01 -19
Paul with new friend who is the first and longest White Pomeranian breeder
in the world!  Cheng-Ju Hsieh has been breeding White Pomeranians for over
20 years and has bred many champions in Japan, other Asian countries, USA and France,
Cheng_ju is also a dedicated breeder o black and black and tan GSD´s
(Schäfer) which are just used for working and have excellent success in
working triles. I had a wonderful time with the Hsieh family and was
grateful for daughter Joy who was our translator, only sorry my leg and hip
was giving me such bad problems that it spoilt my time in beautiful and
intersting central Taiwan.
Check out their website

2009 – 01 – 16

To-day our dear Ozzy moved back to Slovenia and his breeder Mojca where he
has some "ladies" waiting for him.
We will greatly (well maybe not Göran) miss this character who has so many
of his g.g.g.g.great granfather Ffrith Smoke Cignals ways not the least the
strong will and special expression!
Good luck Ozzy

2009 – 01 – 12
Discover the lovely Spitz breed from Thailand

2009 – 01 – 07
But one that we could have done without!
Tosca our Tibetan Terrier did not enjoy being the "only child" so decided that when
she became a mother that she would make sure that her children had MANY
brothers and sister to play with and produced for us the
largest litter ever born at Tintavon! 9, yes 9 and we were only
asking her for 4 maximum 5 of which 2 were to be males! 
Well she whelped easlily and early to give us 5 males and
4 females, weighing from 190 grams to 300 grams.
You can see more of the puppies and how they develop in Puppies
This is the first litter born at Tintavon for over 4 years and we only did this mating as
we strongly believe that this conbination can be something "out of the ordinary"!
This is Finn's first litter in Sweden but he has many top winning offspring
in the UK and Finland. Many thanks Tanya for entrusting us to
take Finn to Sweden for the matings.

2008 – 12 – 31


To our family, friends and all sincere dog lovers throughout the world.


These lovely and very fitting words were sent to us by the Working Dog Club
 of Split along
with a DVD of the 4 summer night dog shows
which Torbjörn and I had the pleasure of judging at

2008 – 12 – 24
This is the first Christmas ever (not the last) that Göran and I have spent
away from either England or Sweden,
The weather was wonderful, imagine having the party outdoors and eating a
fabulous barbecue! Well, I did have Christmas puddings with me!
It was not a "typical Christmas" that we are used too but it was really
wonderful! Thanks to our dear friend and wonderful host Somsak.
Torbjörn stayed at home to look after the house and dogs and prepare the
traditional English Christmas dinner!

Happy faces at the party in Somsaks garden.

Somsak and Paul enjoying the food.

Göran teaching Mings son On (that is his name) how to be a popstar!

 2008 – 12 – 10


We are doing some updates on our website!  
This summer and autumn have been just so hectic what with the World dog show and
the judges conference on the Tibetan breeds which we were two of the organisers
along with many judging engagements that we got way behind with news and
new photos but we promise to do better next year!


2008 -11 - 15 / 16


of his daughter from his first litter in Sweden with Int. Nordic Ch T. Ipanema,

Bred by Pia Auguststinsson-Blomberg,

 Ah-Tib´s Tinzin who became Belarus Junior Ch

by winning twice Best Junior and once BOB.

Congratulations and good luck to owner Olga Ivanova (Rus) and “Tina”

   2008 - 11 - 15

to my dear Corean friends Jin Sil and Jae Yong on your
Wedding, may you find eternal happiness!
Jin Sil worked for the K.C and Yae Yong is a judge and chief ring steward
but they met through me on my last visit to Seoul,
Only sorry I could not be at your wedding but you both look wonderful!

2008 – 11 - 11


We are expecting our first litter in four years!

TIBETAN TERRIER puppies are expected/hoped for around the 13th January,

Tintavon Tosca has been mated to the beautiful and so correct

Finnish male  Ch. Falamandus Jára-Ki Khaki

whom I gave BOS from the youth class when I judged the Finnish T.T specialty in 2007.

Many thanks to Tanya for trusting us in letting us have “Finn” here for the matings

and to Gunilla who at short notice took the ferry to Helsinki to collect him.

We are expecting something exceptional from this combination!

More photos and pedigrees can be seen in Tosca’s file.

Look here for more info

  2008 - 08 - 25


James and Shelley on the birth of your second son Oliver James Cainey

weighing in at 6lbs. 9oz.

 (When will the British go over to metric?)

Another new Swindon Town fan and only 9 to go for James and Mikes own team!

 2008 - 07 - 30

Our dear brave friend Lena Soloviev from Moscow passed away to-day after a short battle against cancer. Every time Torbjörn and I visited Moscow to judge at Stolitza KC show we were always met by her smiling face and loving heart. Lena was the "motor" behind the club that kept everything running so smoothly.  We miss Lena and future visits will not be the same without seeing her but we are sure she will be keeping an eye on things from "up there". Our prayers and thoughts go out to Vladimir and their son.

Lena and Ozzy at Moscow airport in February this year.

2008 - 06 - 22

     SWINDON TOWN football fans

Cousin Mike with his son James and grandson
Toby proudly wearing our teams  Shirts!

2008 - 04 - 22
Toby Charles Cainey already on his first birthday dreaming
of playing for England but first he will play for
the team in my families heart, Swindon Town.

2008 - 04 - 21
Sad news from Canada that Ottey has joined her brother Lindford in
"doggy heavan" both were exported to Allan Pepper of Allery Whippet fame
who loved dearly these two wacky whippets!
Can ch Tintavon Merlene Ottey

2008 - 04 - 17
Pedro (T. Celta Vigo) really does believe he is a
reincarnation of a Tibetan  dragon!    
sofia Franzén

2008 - 03 - 29
OZZY wins BIS at SvKTR show.

Ozzy won BOB & BIS at the Swedish club for Tibetan Breeds show
under Nina Karlsdotter (S)
So he now has BISS wins in Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Sweden.

2008 - 03 - 23

Ozzy officiated at his first official show in Sweden
at the Stockholm KC Easter Int. show (3400 dogs) 
He won cac, cacib & BOB + Swedish Ch. Title (11 countries now)
under Danish judge Gert Christensen.

 BIG  under Dr Göran Bodegård (S) and finally

BIS - 2  under Sergio Pizzorno (Uruguay)

Thank you

to the judges who appreciated Ozzy´s type, style and temperament,
to the exhibitors for the congratulations and
not least to “our supporters club”

The most unexpected wins are often the most treasured and this one certainly
will be and it felt great that even after so many years in the breed and so
many illustrious wins that we can still get so much pleasure and happiness
from winning the cac right up to BIS 2!

2008 - 03 - 01
This day our good friend Andrea Soares from Brazil tragically died in a car
crash, our love and condolences go to Lizandra and the two daughters
and the restof the family.

Lizandra and Andrea own Brazilian Ch Tintavon Santander
In happier days from 2003
Lizandra, Göran & Andrea at the lake in Brasilia

2008 - 03 - 01
Al Capone and  Ipanema´s puppies at 13 days old.
from l-r the 2 girls then the 4 boys.
Mother and children are doing well.
Granmother Pia is very proud!

2008 - 02 - 12

Ozzy´s first Swedish babies are born!
4 boys and 2 girls, one black boy and girl and the others are dark goldens.

Proud mother is Int Nordic Ch T. Ipanema,
owned by Pia Auguststinson - Blomberg

2008 - 02 - 09
Ozzy wins his 9th national championship title!

Ozzy became the first Swedish owned and Slovenian bred
Lhasa to win his Russian title.
CAC and BOB gave him 3 titles! Russian Ch. RKF Ch and Oankoo Federation Ch.

2008 - 01 - 06

At the Swedish Winners show in Gothenburg
under Cindy Pettersson
won “Pedro” alias
  Nordic Ch T Celta Vigo
cacib, BOB & SV-08

Owner handled to this win by Anna Björk.

2007 - 12 - 15
30 years jubilee

To-day it is 3o years since Paul moved to Sweden

And never has he regretted it, wonderful family and friends especially those who helped so much in the early years with special thanks to Marina, Christel, Lisbeth, Inga, Anita and especially Agneta and family who opened up their home to Paul in his first year in this country.

An early photo from 1978 with Int T Oliver who was one of Paul’s 4 Lhasas he had with him.

2007 - 12 - 14


Titling Al Capone
Ozzy arrived at Tintavon to-day for what we hope will be a successful
stay, whether it is for 6 months or 6 years!

Titling Al Capone (Ozzy) is a BIS, multi group winner and multi BISS WINNER, he is Champion of Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Luxemburg, Italy and San Marino also Junior Ch of Slovenia, Croatia and Austria and of course he is INTERNATIONAL CH  and Skar 04 (TDE = Tibet Dog Europe)
Ozzy´s sire is: INT. Slo, Cro, Sk, H, A, Itl, BiH, D (VDH) Slo & Cro Youth Ch. Euro v01, Tel Aviv V01, A Bundesseiger 99, East Euro V 00 and BIS & BISS Tintavon Rossini
Ozzy´s dam is: INT. Slo, Cro. BiH, SK, A, H. BIS & BISS Tintavon Fiorentina

After only a few hours here Ozzy has made himself right at home
and getting on very well with his new friends.

Ozzy winning the group under Zeljko Glazic, Slo.

THANK YOU Mojca for entrusting Ozzy with us!


2007 - 10 - 04

Congratulations Göran on your 50th birthday with all our love from your
friends, family and your husband Paul


2007 - 09 - 23

Our 3rd Finnish Champion for the weekend!
S Ch Tintavon Espen Keyzerson
won cac, cacib & BOS
breed specialist from Greece George Kostopoulos

2007 - 09 - 22
Tintavon do the double in Mariehamn (Finland) Int. under grupp 9 specialist
Annuka palomäkki (FIN)
S & N CH Tintavon Celta Vigo
vann cac, cacib, BOB and BIG, owner Anna Björk
S & N Ch Tintavon Ipanema
cac, cacib and BOS,
owner Pia Augusstinson-Blomberg
and both won their
titles which also makes them NORDIC CH.s

2007 - 09 - 16
Paul judging the Finnish Shih Tzu and Tibetan Terrier club Ch. shows with his
Shih Tzu Ch Ta Maria Mona Lisa
owned by Ulla Rinne & Riitta Ankeriaankuja
Tibetan Terrier Ch Falamandus Kick Ass
owned by
Tanja Hakamo & Laura Lehdistö

2007 - 09 - 02
Torbjörn passed his exams and is now eligible to judge Leonbergers.

2007 - 09 - 01
Paul with his Korean family on his visit to Seoul last week.  Jung Min who
is a fighter pilot with his wife and my "soul mate" Kyeong-Eun and their 7
months baby Hjang which means River who always cries when visitors come but
not with me whom he just loved and laughed all the time! How I miss my
wonderful friends and beautiful Korea

2007 - 07 - 13
Our condolences to Yvonne Wengelin

Tintavon Tuvalu has gone to “doggy heaven”.

2007 - 07 - 12
Our condolences to Kennel Nahemja

To-day we received the very sad news that Nahemja Dudley Dan has gone to “doggy heaven”.

I first saw Dudley when judging in Melbourne where he won the breed and group under me and later went on to win BIS under Philip Kersey, (NZ). 

I immediately fell in love with this very special Lhasa and thanks to the kindness and generosity of Jim Grundig who agreed to let us borrow Dudley for what turned out to be a very successful one and a half years.  Dudley came to us with Aust. Ch BISS BIS titles and went back with INT, Nordic Ch WW
-98 BIS, BISS.  

At his very first show he won the Group and BIS2, at his BISS win he was handled by Göran, I handled him when he won BIS at Borås in 1997 and it was Torbjörn that Handled Dudley to BOB at the 1998 Helsinki World show under Christofer Habig (D) much to the joy of Jim and Steve who had come over to see the show.

Dudley was also Top Lhasa in Sweden in 1997. Not only did he leave his mark as a top show dog but also left some lovely offspring the most successful being our black bitch T Black Opal, herself a multi group winner and dam of  a BIS winner.

2007 - 06 - 24


S & FIN Ch T Gail Force Wind wins cac & Res cacib in Trondheim to become Norwegian Ch which now makes her Nordisk Ch. This was Blondies first time in Norway so we are extremely pleased with this win as she is now over 7 years and the entry was 51 whippets for Edwina Thomas (AUS). Blondies son S Ch T Espen Keyzerson was 2nd best male with res cacib.

Not a bad weekend with 3 new Norwegian Ch.s for the Tintavons! Well done Torbjörn and Anna.

2007 - 06 - 23

Tintavon Celta Vigo won cac, cacib and BOB and Tintavon Ipanema won cac,
cacib and BOS at Trondheim Int. under Cindy Pettersson(S)

2007 - 06 - 11

To our dear friend Gunilla Albrigtsen on your 50th birthday.
Here is Gunilla on a boat off the beautiful Croatian coast near Split on her
birthday.  Is she comtemplating the next 50 years i wonder?

2007 - 06 - 10

Ante & Farfallina
(World, European and Multi Ch BIS, BISS Sun Della Baia Azzurra)
On your FANTASTIC win at the European show in Zagreb.  It gave me goose
bumps and many others as well to see this Great dane proudly move around the
ring on a loose lead then stand and stretch her beautiful neck while Ante
holds the leads and stands a few metres behind. What a wonderful sight and
what superb handling leading to a very well deserved win under Damir Skokk,
president of the Croatian KC.

2007 - 05  - 18


To S Ch SV07 Tintavon Ipanema on winning BOB and cacib and
S Ch Tintavon Celta Vigo on winning Res. Cacib
in Hässleholm

Well done handler Anna


To our dear friend Yochai in Israel who has found true love and married his Victor.
All our love and best wishes to you both!

2007 - 05  - 13


To S Ch Tintavon Ipanema on winning BOS, cacib at the
Swedish Winners show in Österbybruk and most of all a new title SV-07

Well done Pia and handler Anna

2007 - 05 - 11

In Deepest Mourning and chock!

To-day we received the terrible news that Rossi had passed on to “doggy heaven”,

He died under anaesthetic while waiting to be operated on for prostate cancer.

Not only was he Mojca´s first real show dog but he was a wonderful ambassador for the breed and definitely the most titled Lhasa ever from Tintavon who made us so proud and gave us so much great publicity but it is for his sweet temperment that we will remember him most. Luckily we can enjoy the success of his son ex Tintavon Fiorentina, BIS, BISS Titling Al Capone alias Ozzie and his many winning grand and great grandchildren.

Int, Slovenian, Croatian. Slovakian, Hungarian, Austrian, Italian, Bosnia & Herzegovina and VDH (German) Ch. Slovenian & Croatian youth Ch. Austrian Bundesseiger ´99, East European winner 2000, Tel Aviv winner 2001, European winner 2001, reserve European winner 2003, multiple BIS & BISS winner in several countries + many times Top Lhasa in Slovenia! TINTAVON ROSSINI “Rossi”

He put kennel Titling on the map and kept the flag flying high for team Tintavon!

Thank you Rossi

2007 - 05 - 06

James and Shelly on the birth of your son Toby Charles,
born at Bath hospital on April 22nd at 10.21 and weighing 7lbs 6oz. (about 3.5 kilos)
James is the son of my cousin Michael (more like a brother) and Liz, so Toby Charles is my cousins son´s son!
In the photo you can see proud dad and son watching soccer on tv, Swindon is our team of course! 

2007 - 04 - 28
Now can S Ch Tintavon Barcelona (kakan) add the letters BISS after her title as she won BIS at the Swedish club for Tibetan Breeds Ch show in Piteå at the weekend under Ove Germundsson (S)

2007 - 04 - 15

SvKTR (Swedish club for Tibetan Breeds) had their AGM and Torbjörn is now
again the Chairman.
His ambition is to work for the good of all the Tibetan breeds and not like
some people who are only interested in their own club and could not care how
it goes for the other Tibetan breeds!.

2007 - 04 - 11

At the age of 17 years and 4 months we took the painful decision to send Tahiti to doggy heavan!

Tahiti was the last of 10 puppies (2 litters) from the hugely successful Smoke Cignal x Kunga combination where 9 becamee champions!

Enormously stubborn, it took us nearly a year to get her lead trained, shealways showed with her head and tail up but often would stop dead in thering only to be coaxed to start again, a pity some judges do not understandtrue Lhasa temperament!

Tahiti produced some lovely litters and was anexcellent mother.  She loved her long daily walks as long as she was not ona lead and the last 10 years we never bothered to have her on a lead as shenever bothered to  stray away from us and was not inteersted in playing with other dogs we met, as she grew older her walks became shorter until the last year where she was happy just to potter around the garden. 

This special little dog will be missed here not because she liked to pe patted or sit on your knee and watch tv but because of her great integrity that she was a Lhasa and we were only humans!


2007 - 04 - 07

SKK Stockholm Int
judge: Henric Johansson, Sweden
group judge: Joao Pilipe Serradas Lieira  Lisboa, Portugal

S ch Tintavon Celta Vigo
BOB, cacib,  BIG- 2
owner: Anna Björk

S ch Tintavon Ipanema
CC, cacib, BOS, new champion
owner: Pia Augustinsson-Blomgren